We are manufacturer of high power XML-T6 LED Flashlight, HID Flashlight, SST-50, SST-90 and XML Super bright LED flashlights, mini flashlight, pocket flashlight, waterproof flashight, adjustable flashlight, we also produce Zoom in/out CREE LED flashlight, camping lanterns, Aluminium LED flashlights, Plastic rechargeable dynamo LED flashlights, gifts and key torches, clip on plastic torch...etc. Should you have any interest in aluminium and plastic LED products especially LED torches and flashlights, you are more than welcome to inquire. We do OEM products as well.  We have undertaken ISO9001 international quality system certification as well as RoHS and CE certificate. The products are distributed to every part of the world and always hold a good name by its fashionable appearance, excellent design and reliable quality.  We well understand that time is definitely the essence in business. Thus we provide fast sample services. Drawings and samples will be sent to you within just 1-5days according to where you are. Production is also fast and efficient, as we have our own design, moulding and plastic injection facilities. Our monthly capacity is 500, 000 units, and delivery usually takes 7-10 days.  Our 7, 000-square-meter factory, 100 production staff and 10 engineers are ready to take care of your OEM needs. Contact us for more details.

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